A Crown Upon Our Heads

From a dictator’s son to Winkie, his underlings and the scum customers is not such a big leap. The last thing I expected listening to Radio 4 was to find a deeper understanding of the ‘Franchise mind’, but I did. Let me explain.

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Home Comforts

The Wombles have seven home games remaining. Despite the negativity and pessimism abound recently, Wimbledon’s home form is rather good. How good? Wider Interests provides the answers …

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Will Or Robertson?

With Paul Robinson having raced to five yellow cards already this season tomorrow’s team will see at least one enforced change as 5 cards equals a 1 game ban.

The obvious candidates for Ardley to choose to partner Darius in the middle are newish signing Chris Robertson or homegrown Will Nightingale.

WiderInterests discusses the strengths of each player and asks the readers to vote for their choice in the readers poll.

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